Rook the Librarian (gisho) wrote in getbackers,
Rook the Librarian

More postcards - Vol. 38!

Having finally got my hands on Vol. 38, I offer inansely huge scans of the vasrious postcards included with it.

Hevn and Masaki. Not a particularly remarkable postcard, but they look happy. Well, Hevn looks happy, Masaki looks kind of smug. I suppose he has good reason.

Akabane,, or, Proof That These People Do Not Know How To Capitalize. But on the whole, nice picture. He looks very suitably dark.

Ban and Ginji, of course. Apparently they actually got paid for once; they've got a bunch of pastries. They appear very happy about it, too.

Makubex. In a tie. Looking far hotter than he has any right to, but still, it's pretty tame compared to ...

Sakura and Haruki Kaoru. NSFW. I suppose this is the triumph of cheesecake over logic. That, or it's actually Emishi's Dream Theatre. Either way I'll be over here gently drooling.
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