Rook the Librarian (gisho) wrote in getbackers,
Rook the Librarian

Vol, 39 postcards

The last batch, alas.

To start with, Emishi and Amon. The color scheme seems off; either Amon bleached his hair, the're standing in really bright sun, or the cover of Vol. 24 was wrong. -_- Still, very cute. I will not argue with sunflowers.

Then, in another case of "I wonder where I can stick this character?", Makube-hakase, Kagami, and ... Fudou. I was actually rather dissapointed that the hands on the rabbit's pocketwatch did not appear to bear any relation to the story. If it were me they would have crept closer to midnight as the climax apporached. But I'm weird like that.

Fuuga! In their younger days. Kazuki looks disturbingly seductive. Possibly that's why Toshiki and Juubei are having a scowling contest, and Saizou is so amused. ^^ I like this pic, though. Their personalities really show.

And if you havn't had enough cheescake - oh, who am I kidding? You can NEVER have too much cheesecake. If most of the female cast to hang out in bikinis, more power to them.

Finally, Ban and Ginji, of course. Enjoying an autumn day, in yukata, same design as the cover. Awww. I do wonder how the bear mask came about? It does not srike me as something Ban would do of his own voilition.

.. I think I smell a ficlet challenge.

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