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GB Comm

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Get Backers
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A community in which to obsess over and otherwise discuss the anime/manga series Get Backers. Got fan art? Show it off! Got fanfic? Post it up! Just want to talk? We're all ears!

We're open-minded here - slash-friendly (and het-friendly, darnit). However, we do like to see accurate characterization and attitude in fanstuff. This is a fun series - let's keep it fun!

MARCH 2004: The Get Backers anime has been licensed by ADV and the manga is licensed by Toykopop. PLEASE DO NOT post here to ask for or distribute full manga scans or digisubs. The creators and licensors have requested that people not pass such things around. Such topics will be deleted.

Due to recent whatnot (not in this community, but in other communities), we decided we needed more specific rules for this community. I know these seem like common sense, but as I was told earlier, common sense is getting less common.


1) MARK YOUR SPOILERS. If it's a big spoiler, please put it into cut-text and SAY IT IS A SPOILER.

2) When posting fanfic or fanart, please either link to it, or put it into cut-text and mark it for content. This community isn't here to lay waste to people's friends pages or to cause them unnecessary mental distress.

3) The Get Backers anime & manga are both licensed, so please do not ask for them here. Also, while we don't care if you share them, please don't post for no purpose other than to ask for ROMs, mp3s, scans, etc. The larger this community gets, the less likely that 50 people will want their friends pages spammed with a post which is nothing but a request for something. This community is for discussion of the series, not its acquisition. Posts specifically for the purpose of asking for stuff will be removed.

4) No off-topic posts, or DEATH WILL BECOME YOU. You can put off-topic stuff in at the bottom of an on-topic post, or in comments, but otherwise, please keep non-GB-related posts on your own lj.

5) NO FANFICTION MUSES. If they help you in the process of writing fic, that's great. However, muses and musefic are rarely interesting to a community at large. Please post them in your own journal.

6) No baseless character/pairing bashing. Discussion is fine, but justify your viewpoint and politely agree to disagree with others. Let's avoid bashing and flamewars, okay? Also, sharing homophobic views in an incredibly judgmental way on an online community is not the way to go. Keep it on your own LJ.

7) This community is in English. Standard English spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules apply. We apologize if English is not your first language or if you're just stupid, but that's just how it is. The moderators reserve the right to ban anyone who can't be bothered to spell properly. Sorry, but we want this community to be fun for its members, not annoying.

8) Please, DO NOT post just to introduce yourself. We're sure you're very nice. But you do not need to spam 100 people to tell them that you've joined GBcomm because you like GB. OF COURSE YOU LIKE GB, THAT IS WHY YOU'RE HERE. DUH. (Note: go ahead and introduce yourself by posting fanart, fanfic, a question, a comment, or whatever. Just don't spam the comm with a post that consists of "Hi, I'm _____, and I like GB! My favorite character is Akabane!" NOBODY CARES.)

Please, think of the children rest of the comm before posting. Thanks.

If you have any questions, or something offends you, don't start a flame war; tell one of your friendly mods, mullenkamp or angrybabble.

If you don't like these rules, which we feel are fair, then you're welcome to bugger off and make your own community. This is a dictatorship.

Hey, do you like chatting on IRC? So do we.

Your loving mods and a few other people can often be found hanging out in #getbackers on espernet (servers include irc.esper.net, legend.esper.net, chocobo.esper.net, dream.esper.net, cosmos.esper.net, and a few more). Feel welcome to come shoot the shit with us if you're bored. ^_^

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